Our Story

Passion is What Drives Us.

One reason individuals and businesses encounter serious legal trouble, is their failure to obtain sound legal advice before making decisions.

At Adkins Lawyers, PLLC, we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses protect their interests and tackle complex legal, business, and contractual issues. Our mission is to identify smart legal and practical solutions now that not only minimize risks for our clients but also help shield and protect them from chance, loss, and various legal liabilities later. At Adkins Lawyers, PLLC, our passion for protecting our clients’ interests is what drives us to work harder, advocate more, and identify strategies and solutions that work.

This means, we don’t just resolve legal problems after they develop. We help our clients assess and minimize risks before problems arise. We provide clients with the critical legal and contractual knowledge, representation, and solutions they need, when they need it. Let us partner our passion with your drive to succeed in business, professional career, and life!

Our People.


Our attorneys are passionate about helping clients with their legal, employment, contractual, and business needs. We give clients the legal foresight, support, advice, training, and peace of mind they need to start and run their businesses, prepare and negotiate contracts that matter, manage employees and laborers, work with independent contractors, and handle litigation or administrative proceedings. As a result, clients are able to focus on what truly matters to them: their bottom line, running their day to day businesses, and earning a living. Hire Us.



Adkins Lawyers, PLLC Mediators focus on resolution. We work hard to help mediating parties compromise, settle, and actually resolve the complex disputes between them. Our strategy is simple: identify “Smart Legal [and Practical] Solutions” TM to help move the parties to common ground. With each successfully resolved dispute, the parties are able to avoid the stress and expense of trial. Schedule a Mediation Today.

Meet the Team

Alia L. Adkins-Derrick, Managing Partner & Mediator

ALIA ADKINS-DERRICKis the Managing Partner and a Certified Mediator at Adkins Lawyers, PLLC, a premier boutique law firm in Dallas and Houston, Texas. Known for her fierce written and oral advocacy, Ms. Adkins not only serves a diverse client-base of businesses and individual executives and professionals across various industries but, in her role as an Adjunct Law School Professor, she also helps the next generation of lawyers hone their advocacy skills. In her law practice, she helps clients protect their interests and their bottom lines by providing the smart legal defense, solutions, and representation clients need to tackle complex employment, business, contract, personal injury, and civil litigation issues at the exceptional value clients deserve. As a mediator, she focuses on putting control back into the hands of the parties by identifying workable solutions to help parties reach settlement. For more information about Ms. Adkins visit: www.adkinslawyers.com or call 214.330.2881 (Dallas) or 713.828.1287 (Houston).

Robert Adkins, Of Counsel Attorney & Mediator

Robert Adkins is an Attorney and Mediator at Adkins Lawyers, PLLC who is passionate about helping clients. His areas of focus span three firm practice areas: Wills & Estates, Personal Injury, and Sports Law. He focuses on helping clients protect their interest, brand, hard work, and legacy with Wills & Estates and Sports Law matters. He also zealously advocates for personal injury clients, injured due to no fault of their own, to help make them whole. Mr. Adkins is a proud graduate of South Texas College of Law and the University of Houston.

WyQuibbya "Wy" Rodgers, Intake Administrator

Ms. “Wy” Rodgers is a Dallas Native. She has always had a strong passion for helping people and has been with the firm since it’s inception. She is excited to use her administrative and customer service skills and experience to connect clients to the smart legal solutions and resources they need and is proud to contribute to the overall Adkins Lawyers, PLLC mission.