Dispute? Let Us Defend, Protect, & Pursue Your Interests When it Matters Most.

We file and defend lawsuits for our clients and work diligently to resolve their legal disputes. We provide strategic legal representation in a myriad of employment, civil, business, and contract lawsuits and alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We also represent clients in pre-litigation administrative proceedings and investigations and prepare written responses and position statements to various complaints and claims.

Our Approach.

Start with the End in Mind. Since the goal of litigation varies by client, Adkins Lawyers, PLLC counsel starts with the end in mind. At the outset of each case, we identify two key points: (1) the clients’ preferred end-goal and (2) what evidence, proof, and resources it will take to win-that is, obtain the client’s desired result. We then identify and implement a viable litigation strategy that increases the likelihood of a client-preferred resolution.

Strategic Preparation. Preparation is key to successfully resolving disputes. We prepare each case as if it were going to trial, which means if the case must be tried, we’re ready. For clients who prefer settlement, solid preparation increases the opportunity for an early and favorable pre-trial resolution.

Drive. Driven by our passion to protect client interests and minimize risks, we work hard to strategically present client claims or defend them from liability at every stage of the lawsuit including during discovery, at depositions, hearings, and trial.

Alternatives. For clients who prefer settlement, our attorneys are experienced in alternative dispute resolution, having served both as party advocates and third party neutral mediators.

Practice Areas