Tired of Others Profiting Off of Your Image? Let Us Work to Get You Paid.

Now that the NCAA has finally changed course on its amateurism rules, college athletes are finally allowed to do what their respective colleges, universities, and learning institutions have done for decades, be paid for the use of their names, images, and likenesses (“NIL”). Though a welcomed win for college athletes, this long overdue new rule change may leave many college athletes left to wonder how to best avail themselves of the rule change benefits and take back control of their NIL, hard work, and reputation. This is where Adkins Lawyers, PLLC steps in.

Our attorneys provide name, image, and likeness advising, contract review, drafting, and negotiations, and other services for our college athlete clients that are designed to identify any red flags, loopholes, and other “gotcha” provisions hidden deep in the fine print and negotiate contract terms meant to benefit and get our college athlete clients paid. We work hard to help college athletes secure their investment in themselves, by protecting their NIL rights and advising them on how to get the most out of their NIL during their collegiate careers. If you’ve worked hard to build your personal athletic brand and are tired of others profiting off of your name, image, and likeness, contact us. We’ll Work Hard to Protect You & to Get You Paid.

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