No matter how great a case is, there are no guarantees that a party will win all or most of a desired result in litigation. In contrast, mediation gives the parties the ability to control the outcome of their case and negotiate for what matters most to them.

Settle Your Case with Help From An Experienced Mediator.

Our certified mediators are serious about helping parties identify workable solutions to reach settlement. This puts the control back into the hands of the parties to decide their own fate. It also enables the parties to limit their attorney’s fees and avoid the uncertain outcome, stress, and expense of trial. Our advanced certification allows us to mediate a wide array of disputes including: personal injury, employment, business, contract, litigation, divorce, and family disputes. Our mediation schedule fills up quickly so schedule your mediation today!

Why Mediation is a Smart Choice for You.

Our Approach.

Attention: We give each dispute and party the attention they deserve to help them reach the settlement they need. Experience shows that such focused and intentional attention and active listening is the effective way to identify the most feasible solution that parties need to resolve their disputes.

Preparation: Our mediators thoroughly prepare, analyze the dispute, and identify possible solutions to impasses, which increases the likelihood of dispute resolution and settlement at mediation.

Strategy: During the mediation, we focus on practical solutions, each party’s needs, and the bottom line in order to foster good faith compromise and move the parties closer to settlement.

Resolution: When an agreement is reached, we memorialize it in a confidential mediation settlement agreement. Thus, parties leave the mediation knowing their dispute has been resolved.

Some of the cases we mediate include:

  • Personal injury
  • Employment & Labor
  • Business Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Family
  • Divorce

Practice Areas