You Worked Hard to Build Your Legacy, We’ll Help you Protect & Preserve it.

Many people assume that estate plans are for the wealthy few or that they don’t have what they consider an “estate”. However, this is not the case, everyone has an estate. Creating a personalized estate plan is the only way to truly protect your legacy for the people that you love, saving them from the stress and anguish of court after you have passed.

Our focus as estate planning attorneys is to assist our clients in setting up a thorough and well-thought-out estate plan so that their estate and well-being are secure in the face of the uncertainties that their future may hold. We focus on personalized estate plans that will evolve with our clients as they grow and as their needs and the needs of their loved ones change. Our goal is to keep your estate plan up to date and current, so no matter what, you’re always prepared for life’s “uncertainties”.

Estate planning is much more than just a last will and testament and in its most basic definition, is the act of preparing one’s estate (their personal and real property, financial assets, debts, etc) for the foreseen or unforeseen future. A will is simply just one piece of a comprehensive estate plan. For most people, just a last will and testament will not be sufficient for their estate planning needs. As experienced estate planning attorneys, we will be able to help you work through all the pieces of an estate plan (such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, etc) and help make sure that our clients have everything they need in place.

It is important that our client’s estate plans not only focus on how assets should be distributed to their heirs in the event of their passing, but also their personalized estate plan should cover instructions on how to handle their medical and financial well-being in the event they become incapacitated and are unable to express their choices themselves.

Taking steps now to secure your own well-being and to protect your loved ones from an uncertain future, is love in action. Allowing us to serve you by creating a detailed and personalized estate plan, designed to secure the well-being of your family and protect your legacy, will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Contact Us, We’ll Help You Protect Those/What You Hold Dear.

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