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While some people may feel uneasy about getting an LLC for their business, the team at Adkins Lawyers, PLLC will show you how simple the process can be. We’ll help you file the necessary paperwork and outline how you’ll manage your company. Our team will walk you through every step of the process so you can get your LLC as soon as possible.

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Know exactly what you’re getting into.

Signing a business contract is a serious matter. You don’t want to do that without first weighing the pros and cons. The team at Adkins Lawyers, PLLC will help you with any aspect of your contract, including:

  • Drafting it
  • Reviewing it
  • Negotiating it

We represent small and medium-sized business owners, since they’re more likely to be taken advantage of than larger corporations. Our lawyers will make sure the terms of the contract are fair so you can safeguard your assets.

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Protect Your Business.

You worked hard to launch a successful and profitable business, now let us help you protect it. We are passionate about helping small businesses start, run, and protect their businesses. Our attorneys offer legal guidance, advice, and services designed to help you protect your thriving business. We assist clients with various legal and practical business needs including LLC & business entity formation services, divorce-, disability, and death-proofing your business as well as contract drafting, negotiation, defense and review. We look forward to partnering our passion for defending and protecting your business with your drive to start, run, and grow a successful business!

Small Business Resources.

At Adkins Lawyers, PLLC, we know that business success, profits, and longevity are not by accident. They are the result of strategic partnerships, competitive drive, and advance legal know-how. Below are small business resources to help you boost your company’s competitive edge and weather the legal storms that threaten businesses, big and small.

1. Divorce-Proof Your Business.

2. Closing The Gap: 5 Effective Tips To Help Ensure Your Business Doesn’t Subject You To Personal Liability.

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